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Panama may not be the first country that jumps to mind of places to visit however although a small country it has a lot to offer and within its offerings we assure the very best. That famous saying ' the best things come in small packages' is indeed applicable here! From exotic tropical rain forests, stunning mountai

mountain ranges, pacific coast, Caribbean coast, 1500 islands, seven indigenous cultures, modern sophisticated capital city making it a financial hub for Latin America, Spanish colonial historical sites, exquisite beaches not to mention the panama canal one of the worlds seven wonders which connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans therefore of vital importance for the worlds cargo and trade. It really is hard to think of any other nation in the world which has so many attractions within and at the same time plays such an important role in the region.

Panama is best described as an Eco-tourism paradise with the most accessible exotic nature in the world with national parks covering approximately 5 million acres to witness a breathtaking recorded number of 900+ bird species which is more than the US and Canada combined. The world record for bird species counting lies in Panama with a record of 350 species counted alone in one day. Furthermore within its land you can find  that Panama is home to 6 indigenous groups, all of which have their own sovereign territory preserving their fascinating culture and way of life. Many of these groups are in accessible locations and will be delighted to welcome you and share their life with all. 

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Life in Panama

Panama was the first Latin American country to adopt the US dollar as their currency making it easier for travellers especially from USA therefore you wont have to get out that calculator to see how much the meal is costing you. That being said, don't

being said, don't be alarmed expecting US prices, due to it being a reasonably new destination its prices remain some of the best in the Americas. Panamanians are some fo the friendliest people you will meet and due to it being a nation which connects the North and South they are no strangers to visitors, understanding and appreciating their needs with open arms making them indeed very welcoming. 

The country itself is very well developed with first class infrastructure, medical care, telecommunications and business services compared to that of Europe, USA and Canada.

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Panama the place where you can swim in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on the same day.

Join us in Panama for your very own adventure...

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