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Our Internship Programs...

Whether you are starting out or looking for something new, always remember that an expert in their field was once a beginner. With Internship & Study Abroad Group your internship will change your life whereby you will learn, grow and show adaptability to new experiences...

Internship & Study Abroad Group specialize in offering quality internships which are also valid for university accreditation with renowned enterprises in one's field of interest. We hold close relationships with our partners and can assure you that each internship opportunity has been fully qualified to provide the intern with valuable hands on experience. We have a selection of destinations from which to choose from and located in each destination you will be sure to have a dedicated local member of our team who willl be a point of contact.

Why do an Internship?


Find out the reason why many undergo internship programs developing professional growth to attain successful careers...

Who do we work with?


See what types of organisations we work with and see what is on offer for you to kick start your future...

What do we look for?


Many of our programs look  at personal attributes, character, interest and signs of dedication, overweighing experience. 

Why Intern

Why do an Internship?

Deciding on whether to do an internship is a dilemma which many experience. Whether you are a current student, a graduate or a professional looking for a change; many will ask themselves whether they should opt for the internship route. It has been proven that those who have undergone an internship are more likely to get hired by a future employer than those who do not. Why is this? Companies use the internship process to spot and realise new talent from where they can identify potential future employees. Furthermore, having an internship on your CV shows to a potential future employer that you as an individual have been proactive in going above and beyond your current daily routine to show interest in a potential future field you may be interested in and shows the wanting to learn of the operation within such field, This allows you to gain experience which will most certainly come to question in the future. Internships allow you to have a better understanding of the field putting theory into practice. It allows you to test to see whether you see yourself pursuing a future in the relevant field and industry you intern in. An internship abroad has further advantages, you can enhance or learn a new language, you will attain global awareness with a different perspective in an evermore international job market, you will show strong signs of independence, adaptability and confidence which are strong characteristics for future employability and demonstrate personal growth alongside professionalism. 

Why intern with Internship & Study Abroad Group?

At Internship & Study Abroad Group our interns are at the forefront of our mind. Many of us here have undergone internships ourselves and understand the importance of how valuable an internship is for the future of our professional lives which is why we qualify all our programs to understand exactly what duties our interns will undergo and their involvement. For this reason we can assure each and every potential intern that the the opportunity to learn, watch and partake in projects and daily operations of each of our partners is in the role description. Internship & Study Abroad can also offer various internship programs across multiple destinations therefore we are open and flexible for students to undergo placements in more than 1 location for example 3 months in one country and 3 months in another. We work around your needs! For us it is not just about placing you with one of our partners, our available programs continue to provide professional growth during your time at one of our destinations by inviting you to networking events where we aim to open doors for you to grow an international network. Furthermore we provide a full consulting session on your CV updating it before you depart, leaving you ready to go along with your references upon a successful completion. 

Who work

Who Do We Work With?


Interning with a multinational company  will open doors within your respective field as you will have the opportunity to impress the company at which you are interning and those it comes into contact with on  a global perspective. You will work closely in a specific department dedicated to the role and partake in projects with others having the opportunity to shadow and oversee the operation of a multinational organisation and those with years of expertise. The brand name on your resumé will be sure to stand out and will be of internest to peer organisations. A multinational organisation will be sure to test you, you will be given tasks to complete in turn providing a valuable experience in a large scale environment.


Undergoing your internship program with an SME's will be sure to broaden your horizon's and educate yourself fully on how an established business works allowing you to ultimately take on a variety of responsibilities and be involved in team projects. An SME can also allow you to have cross departmental training where you can learn new things about yourself and other departments within, expressing new ideas and visions for the the company. An SME internship will provide ample opportunity for you to improve your skill set being able to  gain practical experience. Be prepared for a challenge in an SME as you will be involved in solving issues and see your work materialise.


Interning at a start-up will provide first class hands on experience being at the forefront of all operations. Start-up interns are given a fair share of responsibility allowing for wealth of experience due to being heavily involved in projects. You will have access to all employees and outside contacts of the company as you will be sure to  interact and see different faces due to your involvement. This will allow you  to learn from all individuals at the same time . You will be tested across different skill sets where you can figure out your strengths and likes and above all as you are working closely with senior members of the company you will be sure to receive constant feedback and advice.


 NGO's will be sure to test  and develop your character as you work closely on social projects and contribute extensively to the thinking process, planning process and be involved in the execution process. NGO internships will  add value of work experience to your resumé  as you will demonstrate competency in working in a real-time environment. You will gain important attributes such as leadership and teamwork as you will be heavily involved and responsible of projects overseeing all aspects which will display a persona who is adaptable and contains  multiple skill sets that will most definitely stand-out on your resumé in the future..

Internship Fields You Can Choose

  • Accounting & Finance

  • Business Development

  • Consultancy (Business)

  • Consultancy (Education)

  • Education

  • Event Management

  • Fashion

  • Government

  • Hospitality

  • Human Resources

  • Law

  • Marketing

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • NGO's

  • Oil & Gas

  • Public Relations

  • Social Media

  • Web Design

Do I need experience to apply?

No, experience is not needed! The beauty of an internship is to gain experience and not have experience. Internship & Study Abroad Group is here to support you get a foot through the door with our connections and partners, and to provide you with future contacts and relevant work experience prior to you embarking on your own career path. Our programs are designed to provide you with the necessary practicalities and theoretical knowledge you will need in the future and deliver professional growth enhancing your understanding around your interests and chosen career fields. We believe that one's characteristics, personality and the want to undergo an internship in a specific field showing interest and desire are the key attributes which we look for in an intern. Is this you?

When Can You Start?


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