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Our Study Programs

Engage in one of our study programs and become an International Student growing academically and enhancing your knowledge in a course of your choice.

Internship & Study Abroad Group are here to support your application process and journey as you choose to broaden your educational capabilities. With an array of options to choose from you can rest assured that you will leave with the knoweldge which will bring opportunity for a diifferent future...

Why Study Abroad?


Learn the many reasons why many opt to study abroad enhancing their knowledge not only academically but also the learning of a new culture... 

Where you can Study?


Whether you are interested in a university, institution or a language school, you can find out here which option best suits what you are looking for

When can you start?


Each course and each educational body has specific start dates and others are more flexible. Instructions here on how to find out more... 


Why Study Abraod?

Studying Abroad will provide you with many benefits not only in your education but in immersing yourself completely in new cultures. The first benefit is the reason we choose to study which is to gain further education. Educating oneself abroad will prove to be challenging as you may embark on a new form of teaching and experience different styles of education which may differ from those back home. You will find that undergoing a study abroad program will allow you to immerse yourself in the education system of the host country as you experience and understand its people, culture and norms. You will find incredible new traditions and social environments allowing you to make new international life-long friends and contacts. It is not only a great way to see the world and the very best each destination has to offer, it will also hone your language skills and enhance your career opportunities. It will show you in a new light with a new cultural perspective, boasting an additional language and a persona with willingness to learn.

Why Study Abroad with Intenrship & Study Abroad Group

For your study abroad program choosing the right course and institution is a very important factor which we here understand. We are here to support you through every stage of your application and guide you along. We will be able to advise on courses which best suit your needs and outline all requirements pertaining to your desired course. We will assist in allocating you the educational institution which best fits you and what you are looking for, ensuring that it is complemented by the best cultural experience possible at our destinations as you partake in activities. We are able to cover courses which vary from university courses through to beginner and initio language courses where you can be assured that each course we place you in will have a full detailed overview covering all aspects from subject topics through to examinations which will allow you organise yourself in time with all necessary time frames. We want to ensure that your study abroad provides you with the opportunity to open doors for your future which is why we work closely and establish relationships with all educational bodies where we have placed students to ensure they have access to networking opportunities, career fairs and all important dates which may be of interest around a specific topic which we then pass on to you to chose from. Students who have studied  abroad have gone on to stay in their country of choice and have attained a career.

Where Study

Where Can You Study?



Our  semester or study year abroad  programs at a university will challenge you in a new way taking you away from your customs and comfort zone to undergo your further education in a new light and way of learning. You will find yourself in a new culture and social environment where you will make new friends and social circles  whilst improving on your foreign language skills and communication. With this international experience you can be confident that with the right attitude this will open doors you may have never imagined as you will have been exposed to something new where you would have had to adapt and open your mind. Doing a semester or full year abroad will allow you to travel, explore, transform and learn.


An institute is another option which is more based around opting for a specialist subject to attain a qualification and/or  certification.  You will be able to further enhance your knowledge around a previous or current experience you may have. Alternatively you may wish to pursue a course in a particular interest of yours to gain understanding thus leading to obtaining the necessary knowledge to open a new door for your future career. Whichever the reason you will be sure to meet many like-minded people who share similar interests and it will most certainly allow you to make new  international contacts as you embark on a new course in a new country, adapting to a new culture and honing your language skills.

Language School

The perfect option for those wanting to solely focus on improving their reading, written and oral. Language schools are open to all from all levels staring from initio/beginner right the way through to advance. Many also offer the option of tying in a course based around your field of interest or expertise where you can learn the necessary terminology and understanding around the topic allowing you to learn how to conduct yourself in and around this subject area. This can range from anything such as law to business. The languages on offer are English, Spanish and Portuguese. Learning a new language or improving a language will be sure to stand out on your resumé as employers look at additional languages as a huge benefit.

What Next?

Contact US

Let us know what you are looking for and we will let you know al of the options available in your interested field to commence with the application process.

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