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Available Services Included In Packages

Internship/Study Placement

Internship & Study Abroad Group  will match applicants with internship or study profiles available to ensure the best fit for all always taking into consideration the applicants preferences. Options will be presented to the candidate and will be discussed in full outlining requirements and details pertaining to each specification whether it be an internship or study placement. prior to progressing to the next stage.

Pre-Interview Support

One-to-one pre-interview support will be offered to all candidates prior to internship or study interviews which may be conducted by our affiliates and program options presented to you. After going through options which best suit preferences we  will support you in preparing for the interview stages  by providing you with necessary background information and general questions which have been asked in the past. This will allow you time to prepare.

Visa Assistance

Internship & Study Abroad Group will provide all documentation necessary for a visa application and assist throughout all stages. Many of our programs allow for 90-180 calendar day stays which is included in our packages however please note this is nationality dependent due to immigration controls. Should separate applications be needed we too will support you in attaining the required legal documentation where you can then apply directly or through a trusted partner. Please note for separate applications additional charges may apply.

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Accommodation Services

We are familiar with each of our destinations and  we have options for you on where to live depending on what you are looking for. Our partners offer us discounted rates on accommodation as we place interns and students in their residencies and apartments all year round. Our accommodation service is included in our premium package meaning you will not have to pay monthly making it one less responsibility. All our partnered properties are secure in lovely neighbourhoods with fantastic transportation links and provide private bedroom with bed and bed linen,  private wardrobe, bathroom facilities, kitchen facilities, communal area and  all your monthly bills (wi-fi, gas, electricity and water ).

Airport Pickup & Dropoff

This service is included in most of our packages. When you arrive you will be greeted by your very own private chauffeur who forms part of our team or trusted partners. We will welcome you to your destination of choice and take you to your new home away from home saving you having to carry your luggage across town or jump in a taxi in a new city. Once your placement is over with us and you are all packed to leave we will also drop you back off at the airport wishing you farewell.

Arrival Package

It's hard to arrive at  a new destination and not have the essentials or know where to go. We have this  pre-arranged so you can continue your life as normal as possible when you arrive here. We wil grant you with your very own mobile sim card with one months  package worth of data and minutes, you will receive your transportation card, a map of the city outlining places to visit and see. A welcome brochure  will also be presented which will inform you of the general prices such as coffee, beer, restaurant price ranges and much much more. The brochure will also provide you a list of restaurants, bars, social hang-outs to try out, local supermarkets, gymnasiums, your local home embassy/consulate, activities and  more around your destination, providing you details of how to get to each and every place  from your

 place of residence.

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24 Hour Support

Which ever  program destination you choose you can rest assured you will never be alone. No matter what time of the day  it may be,  you can always count on our support and guidance on whatever you may need.  Whether you are  with us on a short program or a long program, support is something you should always be able to count on as an individual in a new environment . There are many reasons why you may want support and all reasons are welcomed and carried out under strict privacy therefore lean on us as much as possible as we are essentially here for you throughout. 

One-to-One City Orientation

We dont want you to get lost in a new destination which is why we will pick you up and go with you to your new internship or study institution on your first day showing you how to get their from your residence using public transport. We will also inform you of different places around the city which will include tourist attractions, and your local area of residence allowing you to become familiar with the settings which surround you.

Cultural Tours

What better way to immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen destination than to explore and get to know the history, traditions and stories of the place where you will be living and undergoing your program. This is why we include tours in our packages where you will meet new people whilst learning  about your local destination. You will be in  a group with a private tour guide showing you the sites, we have many tours on option therefore you select which one you want to go on fitting around your schedule.

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Social Events

It is not only about interning and studying with us, we also want you to have fun. Work hard, play hard is the famous motto we want you to go by. Our aim is for you to live like a local which is why we constantly arrange events and social outings. Whether we arrange a bowling event, evening dinner or bar/nightclub outing we can assure you it will be  the perfect scenario to connect and meet with new people  who are also undergoing programs with us. We want you to experience the typical social life of a local , visiting local places and indulging in local cuisine, followed by a late night soiree. 

One-to-One Monthly Meeting

Two-way communication is essential throughout your program which is why each month we invite you to have a one-to-one with us. We  want to hear about your progression and feedback on your chosen program to understand and see how we can assist you even further should you have any queries. By this time we would have had a meeting from tutors and employers to provide you with feedback. also. This monthly meeting is the opportunity for you to ask  any queries you may have or further interests you may want to explore within your program where we can then advise accordingly.

We want you to be exposed to as much opportunity as possible. We look out for possible networking events which may be of interest to you and look to invite you along. We will outline all events for you during your time with us from career fairs to seminars and talks around a specific field of interest. This will allow you to meet new people, network and establish connections abroad which will be sure to be of future benefit. Leave an impression with someone you have just met and it may be life-rewarding.

Professional & Educational Networking Events

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Discounts With Partners & Businesses

We have discounts  available for you at all of our destinations. We look to increase our offerings on a daily basis to see how we can have more available to you. We can arrange discounts at certain hotels beating published rates online should you  wish to travel around your destination of choice or visit one of our other destinations. We have discounts with spas where you can indulge in corporal treatments along with other aesthetic services  and much much more. Depending where you choose to go we wil let you know what is available for you so you can make the most of your discounts whilst on your program.

Discounts For Visiting Family & Friends

Do your relatives and friends want to visit you during your program? We can arrange discounted rates for them at certain hotels across all our destinations. All hotels which we offer are perfectly placed to experience the best the city/town has to offer and in close proximity to your residences and/or attractions making it convenient for you all to spend time together and explore.

We want you to depart ready for your next step. We want to sit down and talk to you once you have completed your program to attain feedback from you and your intern/study placement. During this meeting we will also go through and discuss your resumé (CV) updating it together to contain the latest placement information which you have just completed whilst also offering a career consultation service. This will also be the time where we will present you with your references of a successful placement and certifications which may have been acquired during your time on one of our programs. 

Post Internship/Study Consultancy & Career Advice

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