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Internship & Study Abroad Group is a recognised organisation which delivers top-tier internships and/or study programs across multiple destinations.


With today's market being highly competitve the Internship & Study Abroad Group ensures that pre-interview guidance is offered whereby the student can prepare carefully for their interviews with corporate & institutional partners.Many of those at the Internship & Study Aborad Group and their educational or corporate affiliates have undergone international placements in the past and understand the needs and requirements of those who wish to embark on a similar journey. We all can relate with personal experience to support and guide each prospective student or intern through their process from the moment of application through to the moment they depart home from their program destination. 

Our aim is to open new doors for those wanting to enhance their education or professional experience. Whichever program you opt for you will be sure to leave with an enhanced curriculum vitae and new contacts for life!

The Internship & Study Abroad Group work with a number of acclaimed educational institutions and are partened with a range

of organistaions which vary from large multinationals through to NGO's & governments bodies. 

The essence here is to aid each individual to distinguish themselves from the rest. The program will offer challenges for all involved, whether it is in a form of an examination or to be involved in certain projects, you will be sure to leave here having learnt invaluable experiences and having proven yourself to be adaptable to new cultures, ways of thinking, ways of learning and ways of working amongst colleagues and counterparts.

Our program partners are pre-qualified ensuring the very best opportunities with renowned organisations or institutions of their respective field. Our programs count towards university accreditation, and you have complete control on the dates you wish to start and finish. Internship & Study Abroad Group are here to support you, you tell us when you wish to partake on the program and we will do our best to deliver this liaising carefully with the strong partner relationships we have. Our applications are open all year round to fit around your schedule. Furthermore you can do more than one program. Do you want to study and intern? Why not do them both? Internships & Study Abroad Group can offer this service where you can both learn academically and work professionally...

"Experience and professional contacts are more valuable than qualifications in today's competitive world economy..."

Our Mission

At the Internship & Study Abroad Group we are dedcated to continue to open doors to the new generations of today who will define the future. Our commitment lies with our prospective students, interns and partners in delivering programs which will complement each respective field  and enhnace competitve edge in today's world economy.

Why Us?

Why Us?

1.SERVICE: We have been where you are and understand how to tailor needs. Our full list of services surpass the standard services offered in the market. We ensure that we go the extra mile guiding you through application, interview preparation, pre-arrival, arrival, your time with us and our partners whilst immersing in cultural and social activities at our destinations. We will arrange all aspects of your program right through to the very end leaving you with post placement feedback, references of a successful placement and an up to date curriculum vitae which we assist you with. We will leave you ready to embark on your future journey and should you need anything from us at a later date we will be here to continue that support. Furthermore we are here to support and offer a services to family and friends with discounts of their own should they decide to visit you during your program. 

2.FLEXIBILITY: Why choose only to intern or study? Why not do both? We know previous students that have undergone 3 or 6 month internship and the other 3/6 months studying. We can provide both across multiple locations. Decide whether to experience one destination or two should you want to pursue this option.

3.FEES FOR DIVERSE OPPORTUNITY: We recognise the investment  may be costly however, we will demonstrate the calibre of institutions and organisations where we can place you. Moreover, we can assure you that we are cost effective and extremely competitive across our diverse list of destinations. Inclusions in our packages may cover costs you may encounter during your placement such as rent, private tours etc., leaving you with lesser worries whilst you undergo your program.

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