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Three Step Process


First and foremost if you are interested in applying to consider a program offer from Internship & Study Abroad Group, may we kindly ask you to complete our user friendly and short application form.

We aim for a 24 hour response time however please allow for a maximum of 48 hours. We will get back to you with the next steps and kindly ask you for you most recent curriculum vitae and a short cover letter. In your cover letter we would like you to outline your reasons behind wanting to undergo a program abroad along with what you wish to get out from your program to benefit you in the foreseeable future. Feel free to include other information you may feel relevant such as aspirations you may have, the want to travel etc.


With the application process completed we will arrange a preliminary interview with you directly. We want to get to know you a little more so we have an idea of the persona you are within. We will also ask you about your reason behind your program to understand you goals. We will talk about possible program opportunities we have available and prepare you with interview tips and advice.

Upon a successful first interview and should you wish to progress to the second interview stage which is held by your possible internship organisation or educational institution we will ask for a small deposit to ensure that you are serious in  partaking a program with one of our partners or recommended entities. 

Ultimately after your second interview we hope to be able to send you an acceptance and confirmation letter!

Should this not be the case whereby you haven't been successful in attaining a program acceptance we will provide post interview feedback from our partners and refund you your deposit.


3.Pack Your Bags And Fly

Congratulations on your acceptance to a program abroad! This final step is the easiest and most exciting. 

We at Internship & Study Abroad Group will arrange all outstanding details ready for you to travel. We will prepare everything for your arrival as we discuss with you your preferences. We take care of the rest!

All you have to do is pack up and fly! Be sure to read up on the climate.


We will be here waiting for you and will be present in your lives during you time with us.

Smiling Student

Embark on your own life changing experience and adventure

We hope to have the opportunity to see you with us here

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