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Malta lies in the centre of the mediterranean sea just south of Italy and North of Africa. It is known for its vast history going back to the dawn of civilisation. The nation is truly legendary with history written deep within its walls you'll be sure to come across megaliths, medieval dungeons and caves all with a story to tell. We like to describe this nations islands as an outdoor museum. aa

The capital of Malta is the World Heritage of city of Valletta also known as the city of Knights. Valletta has a strong baroque character with hints of Mannerist, Neo-Classical and modern architecture to compliment its history. It is a city known for its beautiful architecture and art ranging back to the mid 16th century giving Valletta a description by Unesco as one of the most concentrated historic areas of the world. aaaaa

One protected landmark for example are the Malta's Megalithic temples, the remains of these temples are the oldest free standing stone structures in the world. Older than stone henge in Britian and the pyrmaids of Eygpt. The claim to fame is the 5,000 year old Hagar Qim. This being said Malta's ancient wonders arent all above water. Malta is well known for shipwrecks underneath it's shores along with many geological features. It has been a perfect destination for underwater diving. Most recently and with sad loss was the collapse of the Azure Window sea arch following a heavy storm. This was an iconic landmark in the island of Gozo. This being said it is now one of the ancient wonders underwater. As we go back through years let us not forget how Malta played a vital role in the history of many famous wars  ranging from 870 right up until the recent war of World War II. For this reason Malta is predominantly built as a fortress. As a result from many wars taking place in this small nation Malta has seen 11 different foregign rulers over its territory. Each ruler has left traces  which can be admired across the islands. In today's world Malta is an independent republic after gaining its independance from the British empire in 1964 however remians as part of the British Commonwealth. Malta definitely holds more adventures than most people know, 

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Life in Malta

You may think that living on a beautiful island with over 300 days a year of sunlight is for the elite however this is not the case with Malta being a very affordable country welcoming more and more expats year after year. Whilst Malta has it's own language; Maltese or Malti hpwever, English is also an official language making Malta a perfect place to learn English. The people in Mlata are very friendly and approachable, ask them anything and they will be happy to help. You'll be sure to meet many new Maltese people as they are very responsive and open people to sepak to especially in social outings with the best outings being in and around St Julians & Paceville.  Life in Malta is sure going to be GREAT!!! Whilst in Malta there is plenty  to see with a notable 10 UNESCO heritage sites, history lies here. aa

Don't forget to jump on a ferry to the neighbouring sister island of Gozo during your travels, this small island must be visited by all who visit Malta. This small peacful island which was once inhabited for thousands of years compliments further the history Malta has on offer. Malta is also perfect for diving with its clear blue waters and history beneath. Even if you are not a keen diver make the most of its beautiful beaches, yes they tend to be busy but what would you expect from a country which sees the sun strike almost daily throughout the year. If you are thinking when will one get time to go to the beach often due to work or studies think again. Not only do you have the weekend but Malta is the place to go for those who enjoy extra days off work, the country celebrates 14 public holiday days each year which is one of the highest numbers in the EU!!! 

Malta may be a small island but what lies within surely is not!!!

Join us in Malta and add your experience to this beautiful nation which has seen it all dating back thousand of years.

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