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Chile is a destination which offers many different ventures for one to explore from one extreme to the other throughout the country. You can find yourself stargazing in the Atacama desert which is the worlds most driest dessert through to finding yourself at the lake of San Rafael surrounded by an

of San Rafael surrounded by an ice field seeing penguins on the glaciers around the lagoon. Chile is a country of legends from an ancient culture, visit Rapa Nui (Easter Island) and witness true ancient authenticity and an aura of mystery discovering historical secrets. Traverse through volcanic cones, grasslands and the moai statues and witness a hidden society within its remarkable history. Back to the mainland you 

you will balance history with 21st Century modernisation in the city of Santiago. The capital of Chile lures you in with its fine parks, modern settings and numerous cultural and sporting activities.  If you are one for skiing or winter sports you do not have far to go; Chile is home to South America's best ski slopes. As you can see this spectacular country has a lot to offer already however let's not forget it's beaches which may be overlooked by many but not us. You can find white sandy beaches through to rare black sandy beaches on the pacific coast and within Chile's beaches you'll see yourself hidden inside jewel like coves or besides mesmerizing rocky cliffs. This country truly possesse beauty and diverstiy and it is of no wonder that it has received many awards from the likes of TripAdvisor, National Geographic and the 'World's Leading Adventure Tourism Destination 2018' from the World Travel Awards.

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Life in Chile

When you live in Chile you will be sure to enjoy and modern and efficient way of living in a country boasting phenomenal mountain peaks, dazzling lakes and modern cities. Go skiing in the winter or visit it's spectacular valleys in the summer, your adventures are sure not to run short. Chile has the strongest economy in Latin America as well as the highest standard of living making it the perfect example of a country evolved, enriched, developed, 

evolved, enriched, developed, and continuing to grow with it becoming the first in South America to join the Organistaion for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and with further views of Chile becoming the 'go to' point for Asia to reach out to the rest of Latin Amrica with undergoing talks. The pipeline is exciting for Chile and its future however life in Chile up until now has not failed to deliver the best and the awards are a small statement of what this countey has to offer one wanting to experience it. If this is not enough Chile has been perfect for North Americans and Europeans alike as the season's are in reverse therefore you can live a life enjoying your favourite seasons two times round in the year.

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Chile a land of contrasts, come and see it for yourself.

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