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New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, Texas... Where to start with the third largest nation in the world in terms of area covered. USA otherwise known as United States or the U.S. is located in North America neighboured by Canada in the North and Mexio in the South. aaaaaaaa

The country is bound by the two largest oceans, the Atlantic on it's East coast and Pacific on its West coast and within comprosies of 48 states with the additional states of Alaska and Hawaii making it 49 and 50 respectively. It is a country known by all across the world and where many from different backgrounds have come together. The palces of interest in the U.S. truly are unlimited with so much to see and do ranging from classy urban marvels, to jazzy music, to small little ravishing countrysides this nation boasts something for everyone. aaaaaaaaaa

Washington D.C., the capital of the U.S. is home to three of the most important buildings; the White House, the Capitol and the Supreme Court. While New York on the other hand is renowned for it's fashion, financial district and arts. new York is also home to Times Square, Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Buildong. New York for those who have visited is known as a very fast pased city. San Francisco has beautiful landscapes, classy Victorian houses. Los Angeles or as many call it 'the playground for the stars' is home to fame with Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Rodeo Drive for the ultimate shopping experience. Las Vegas in the state of Nevada also known as sin city is the place for party and a vibrant nightlife with shows, bars, night club, casino's; pretty much endless entertainment. The U.S. holds many locations each renowned for something however USA is incomplete without mentioning its natural marvels such as the Yellowstone Park, The Glacier Natural Park and The Grand Canyon just to name a few.

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Life in USA

USA is a hub for all from all backgrounds. You will be sure to come across many new faces from different cultures. The culture of this country embraces all the elements be it conservative, liberal, and gives the rights for free expression, individualism and egalitarianism. One of the states where you will come across many differente cultures predominantly hispanic cultures is Florida where our programs currently lie. Florida otherwise known as the sunshine state of the U.S. You will enjoy its awesome subtropical climate throughout the year.

What better way to enjoy the sun than to head to a beach such as South beach, Miami beach or many more across this marvellous state. If you are one for adventure, adrenaline or activities you are not far from Orlando where you can enjoy the world famous theme parks such as Orlando Disney, Universal or SeaWorld. There is a park for all to spend a day with family and friends. If you are looking for something more tahn Florida then why not hop on a plane on a domestic flight and head to other locations across the US. With many daily flights and with many carriers ranging from low-cost through to national airlines you can be sure to find a good deal. Forida, USA; the perfect place to undergo a program and enhance your knowledge of the English language and gain the necessary life experiences!

Join us for the ride of your life in the US and experience it all within this one nation...

Live the American Dream!!

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