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Spain is Europe's second largest country and is a country with an exciting culture, natural and gastronomical heritage; it is truly a place where one can wander and get lost in its attractiveness. From modern cities to cities which take you back in time you can explore and immerse yourself in a culture with vast

vast ancient history. Travel through historical sites to learn about them and partake in recognising and living their history, whether it's the Alambra in Granda, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Catedral de Santiago de Compostela in Santiago de Compostela in the region of Galicia you will be sure to come  across a world heritage site in every corner of the nation as Spain hosts the third largest number of Unesco world

world heritage sites in the world. All this travelling and exploring may bring about hunger and thirst and the want to relax... Therefore during your time savour and indulge in Spain's gastronomy and its renowned tapas accompanied by a glass of sangria, some of the worlds best wines or freshly squeezed orange juice with oranges from the region of Valencia. Why not spectate an extraordinary flamenco show at the same time and live Spain's history of music. If this is not enough there is more for the more adventurous with many activity options available such as golf, climbing, gliding, cycling amongst much much more within Spain's natural setting. Moving on from land to sea, Spain is known by many as the perfect place for sun, sea and sand in Europe. You'll find beaches for relaxing, bathing and swimming all year round with coasts on the Mediterranean, Balearic and Atlantic there are beaches for all. 

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Life in Spain

Spain is certainly known for its great quality of life and not many countries can compete. In Spain people work to live and not live to work. Each day of the week you can find colleagues, friends all gathering in a local bar or restaurant for a meal and a drink. Socialising with counterparts is a very important part of Spanish norms. You will find yourself out and about enjoying life going to new places and meeting new people. The sun in the summer helps further with the sunset in some parts 

in some parts being at 10pm making your day longer to do more after a day of studies or work. Expect to live a stress free life in Spain, everyone is very relaxed and easy going, you won't see anyone in a rush, everyone seems to be enjoying life more than worrying about anything which may be present. It certainly is a care-free living culture. Wherever you find yourself in Spain you are well connected to other cities to visit and travel, the trains are easy to use and very quick or why not hire a car for a weekend trip embracing its history. Living in Spain is considered a dream for many as they imagine strolls along ancient cobbled streets, flamenco and music playing in the background drinking a glass of Rioja al fresco. Imagine yourself getting lost in historical ancient cities and towns gazing at those spectacular churches as the bells ring or laying on one of Spain's sandy beaches watching the sunset on the Mediterranean. All these thoughts and imaginations come true in this marvellous country, it is of no surprise this country is one of the most visited in the world.

Ándale - Vamos a España!

Join us in Spain for an adventure through time!!

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