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Due to its blooming greenery, you cannot deny Ireland of its beauty. Located in the northwestern part of Europe. It is an island just west of England separated by the Irish sea. Ireland is considered to be the 20th largest island in the world and home to just under 7 million people, with just over a million in the capital city of Dublin. The national language is both Irish and English. aaaa

Ireland may also be referred to as the Emerald isle c due to its rolling hills boasting remarkable lush green landscapes and the perfect picturesque scenery. It is a nation which is known throughout the world for its astonishing vast amount castles. It was a nation which was home to many wars in the past and for this reason castles, where built as a form of defence by various families though time. Many of thes castles today are still standing and visitors are able to visit. Many acros the world are familiar with the renowned St Patricks Day! aaaaaaaaaaaaa

St Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland and on his day eah year on the 17th March, this event is both religiously and culturally celebrated. This is the day when Ireland comes together in celebration and enjoys a good pint, probably even a good pint of Guinness beer which is widely popular in Ireland having initially originated from the country. Huge celebrations are concenttrated around pubs and this has for years been a tradition. That being said Ireland is said to be home to what could possibly be the oldest pub in the world dating back to 900 A.D. This celebreation is an attraction to many tourist which flod the nation and its street most of which heading to the capital city of Dublin. Another huge part of Irish tradition is the Leprechaun, in Irish folklore a leprechaun is a tiny little man who can fit on top of your shoulder. They are harmless yet believed to be the men who have buried pots of gold throughout the nation. Leprechauns are said to grant people three wishes, they are a symbol of good fortune. Ireland is truly mystical and magical with many visiting each year to learn about such magical culture and history and never return unsatisified. ireland has made a name for itself and rightly so!

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Life in Ireland

With the island being so small all major cities are under an hour away from a breathtaking landscape and from somewhere to escape to for the weekend. You'll be sure to indulge in some great food as it is able to grow and produce some of the worlds best ranging from meat a dairy through to vegetables. You will not be far away from celebrations or a great atmosphere, the Irish people are very firendly and outgoing and you will be sure to join in the fun and share a drink together whether it is down a local pub one evening or in a celebrations. If you are not out socialising you will be sur eto find yourself indoors avoiding the cold and wetness with a hot cup of tea and biscuits. aaaaaaaaaaaa 

Make the most of the music... Ireland is home to some of the greatest bands which have eve played in the world over the years and it will not be a surprise if you are singing your way along to some of the greatest hits or witnessing new break throughs. If you enjoy long scenic walks, Ireland will surley take you breath away. Whatever the weather, whatever the occassion you won't be left short of choice. 


Have a drink on us in Ireland and undergo your program where the education system has brought about hard working individuals which has resulted in the opening of European Headquarters for the likes of Facebook, Google, Apple and more...

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